Friday, July 11, 2008

Gotta get off my......

I won't finish that sentence but I'm betting you did.

No excuses for not blogging except to say I'm a new blogger and it just hasn't been my priority. The other reason is that I've been working much more.....more than my typical Sat & Sun at the local hospital, where I am part of the "Baylor" plan. I work 24 hours, get paid for 32 and still qualify for some benefits. It's an awesome program and when I pick up another shift or two, it really helps put a boost into our debt reduction plan!!

Speaking of The Plan....we're getting more focused on exactly what needs to be done to eliminate the closed business debt. The history in a nutshell business, didn't work, closed and now, leftover debt. I wish it was so much more exciting than that but sadly, it is not. We wanted to pursue the American Dream.....and discovered that was the WRONG road and now, realize we are living the American Dream. With a bit of debt to go with it!!

Soon I think I'll be willing to post more details about the plan and how much debt is out there. For now, I came across this great article about the top priorities of getting out of debt. Here are ours:

1) So that our sons will never see, firsthand, how stressful and overwhelming debt can be. How it eats at your soul and heart at times. They are young (2 & 3 years old) and blissfully unaware of the debt and it's toll on us now.

2) We long to get out of our debt so we can give more freely to others, in a financial way. We truly want to help finance churches and charities in ways that it makes it difficult now. We give in other ways but we would like to give financially as well.

3) We want to "put our money where our mouth is" so to speak. We HATE, HATE, HATE debt!!! Enough to truly make some changes. Hard to talk about not believing in this much debt when you have this much debt....

4) FREEDOM! To live without the thought of "what are we going to do....". I really cannot stand the thoughts that awaken me from sleep about how we're going to reduce the debt.

5) SURVIVAL! The business did not survive but we will. When we are finally able to put it away for good, we'll truly be able to tell the story of how we survived this incredible challenge from God. I can't wait....

6) Value statement! The one VERY good thing about the process is that it is helping us to truly put our values out there. Separating those needs vs. wants. Showing one another the lengths that we are willing to go to to get to the finish line! It is bringing my husband and I closer together.

7) Challenge & Unity. One thing that has ALWAYS identified our relationship is challenge and unity. We grew up in different cultures and different geographical areas. Our union has always been somewhat of a challenge. We are of different cultures, different skin color, different family values. Yet we were able to go beyond all those things and find the very things that unified us.....a belief in Jesus Christ as our Savior, a belief that family is your second highest priority in life, after Christ, a belief that you share your love openly with those around you, whether they be related by blood or friendship or humanity itself. This journey is challenging and unifying us again....and again....and again.

What are your reasons to rid yourself of debt?