Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day two...

I dreamt about the blog last night. I dreamt of the incredibly creative, witty and thought-provoking statements I would make. I dreamt of how the entire cyber-world would recognize me and believe that I was truly what it has been missing. Then I woke to the sound of Little Bit (that would be our two-year-old male child of unbounding and unending energy) screaming....MILK MAMA! CHOCOLATE MILK! And began my day again.....

I suppose that if this is even going to reach a level of mildly interesting, I should try to explain a bit of myself and those crazy individuals that surround me. There is Superman Hubby.....been married to him for close to five years now. Yes dear...I do remember our wedding anniversary in September. I just cheated and looked at the inscription on my wedding band. We've been together for about twice that.

Next is Big Boy...our 3 1/2 year old, approaching genius boy child. OK...maybe not technically genius but he has an amazing memory. Steel trap that kid. Doesn't ever let me forget the dog food....or gum for that matter.

Lastly, but most certainly not least, is Little Bit. He's 2 1/2 years old. He's the most inquisitive, strong-willed and absolutely challenging person of my life. He has my quick temper and Daddy's stubborn strength. Not a pleasant combination most days.

Fifteen months apart those two boys. Yes, you can gasp. You can even ask what were you thinking?!?!! At this point, I don't have an answer. But before Little Bit was actually here and in screaming mode, I was thinking, Awww, how cute. So close these two brothers. How adorable. Really?!??

Me? I find myself at 40, wondering if I've done enough at this point in my life. And knowing that I have a finite amount of time to do more. Not that I'm thinking life will be over anytime soon, at least I hope that is not in God's plan. But I do recognize that the past 40 years have gone by much faster than I ever imagined. I mean, I have SO much that I want to accomplish yet. So here I am, prepared to start my next "to-do" list in life. Starting with each day. I want to incorporate more happiness in every day, more smiles, more giggles, more prayer and more thankfulness in each day. I've always been one to journal. Why not do this through a blog? We'll we go on yet another adventure.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today it begins....

So today I start my blog. Because I'm crazy.....and naive.....and ignorant (which by the way, does not insinuate that I'm stupid, because I'm not...)...and excited....and willing to do just about anything. I have really very little idea of what I'm doing. Which I'm quite sure will never get me nominated for Blog Of The Cyber-Universe or Cutest Blog Ever or even Mildly Interesting Garbage On The Net. But it will keep my family (scratch that--parents still live in the distant past with no internet or idea of how to use one)--some loved ones and friends informed of what our boring family is up to these days. Today that is nothing. But wow, maybe tomorrow we will escape and do something that everyone will want to know about! Yeah--back to today. Blogging seems like the thing to do if you are me. I need to talk, love to talk, love nothing more than to tell you my life story, as my friends have often reminded me that the dude with the long hair, tattoos of spiderwebs and the really cool Harley at the gas station, does not need to know about. But tell him I do. And now, I tell you. Stalkers, line up at the door.