Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today it begins....

So today I start my blog. Because I'm crazy.....and naive.....and ignorant (which by the way, does not insinuate that I'm stupid, because I'm not...)...and excited....and willing to do just about anything. I have really very little idea of what I'm doing. Which I'm quite sure will never get me nominated for Blog Of The Cyber-Universe or Cutest Blog Ever or even Mildly Interesting Garbage On The Net. But it will keep my family (scratch that--parents still live in the distant past with no internet or idea of how to use one)--some loved ones and friends informed of what our boring family is up to these days. Today that is nothing. But wow, maybe tomorrow we will escape and do something that everyone will want to know about! Yeah--back to today. Blogging seems like the thing to do if you are me. I need to talk, love to talk, love nothing more than to tell you my life story, as my friends have often reminded me that the dude with the long hair, tattoos of spiderwebs and the really cool Harley at the gas station, does not need to know about. But tell him I do. And now, I tell you. Stalkers, line up at the door.

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