Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're BACK!

Hi y'all!!

We're BACK!

Well, we really never went anywhere....except work, school, work, school, work.

It's SO overrated ya know?!

Remember the story about how I thought I would try a new role out at the hospital?  I did.  Didn't like it.  No-not really. 

So back to life as I once knew it.  Back to working shifts at the hospital.  And back to parenting more full-time instead of hardly part-time.  Back to laundry (Oh.My.Gosh!  Did I really say that?!).

We spent a lot of time with God and prayer, trying to figure out what the next season of our life is.  I'm not completely sure.  But it does not involve working 50 hours a week, while the hubby still travels.  And the boys are young.  That isn't quite what works for us.  (Is that great little bloggy theme around?!)

I'm really looking forward to having some time to take care of my family and to go to school myself.  I'm pursuing a Masters in Nursing to gain my Advanced RN Practitioner degree.  The plan is that will afford me some great flexibility from now until....oh, until the boys are gone from home and married?  That should work.  I hope!

Until is how we spent yesterday, getting back into the swing of of spending time together.....

That's Jesus on the the beach....

Have a great day!  See you around, very soon!!