Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wow--long time, no blogging!

So sorry everyone....not very nice of me to blog and leave, is it? I went on vacation to my childhood home in the Midwest. To "The Farm". My parents still live there and it is smack in the middle of nothing. Closest town is about 5 miles away, and that isn't much of a town at all. Two gas stations, no traffic light (though I think they are up to 2 STOP signs), 2 banks, 3 bars and one library. Oh--and of course, the smattering of farm components such as the feed store and grain elevator. Iowa...that part of the midwest. Small town Iowa. VERY small town. The Farm is still without most modern amenities....including any kind of internet connection. None. Zilch. Absolutely no remote chance of even stealing the neighbor's signal....since the closest neighbor is about 1/2 mile away. So we just roughed it for about a week and a half, hung out, planted carrots, played tag with the cousins and slept a lot. It was heavenly.

Since returning, it's been all about work and organizing. Had a killer garage sale....made a couple of hundred bucks. And settling in to our summer routine. So I'm sorry about being gone for so long. I'm back. Soon you'll be sick of hearing from me.....

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