Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hope you aren't completely lost....

I'm taking another stab at keeping up with this blog thing....for friends, for family, for bored anonymous blog readers who have nothing else to do but read nonsense..... That would be this blog...a LOT of nonsense! No, really, I'm so very sorry for leaving for...jeez, like 6 months! I had no idea it had been that long, truly. I thought 4, maybe 5. But 6??!!! I'm suprised those at Blogger didn't just drop me off the face of the web!

So I'll take another stab at blogging because once I went back and read what I wrote, I really liked it. So I'll have at least one reader, I guess. Unless I make my SH read it...then we will be 2!!

Let me contemplate on a witty and interesting topic for tomorrow....hmmmm....homemade laundry soap? teaching preschoolers at home? making soup? What will it be???

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