Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are you wondering?

If you read my blog....and ahem, obviously.....

Anyhoo....y'all are probably wondering what's going on around here?  I've been a bit more than absent these past few days. 

Sorry folks.

Major life change.

I said MAJOR life change!

I got a job.  Another job.  And not just another job.  But a Monday through Friday kinda job.  Replaced all those other jobs I've been doing. 

What was I thinking? 

Actually, I was approached a few weeks ago by the hospital where I work, asking if I would take a nurse manager position.  Then they made it worthwhile, if yaknowwhatImean....  And I thought about it.  And we prayed about it.  A lot.  And decided in these economic times, we would do it.  I say we because it is such a HUGE change in our family that it truly had to be a family decision. 

We looked at schools for the boys and have found a fantastic Christian school in which we enrolled them.  They've been there for two weeks now and LOVE IT!  Really love it!!  And they are learning a lot, and having a ball with the other kids.  I kinda feel bad they haven't had that.  We have playdates but honestly, they are such social little guys that this is really fitting for them.  And I'm still in mourning over not being able to homeschool at this time.  I really wanted to.  But alas, we decided not to at this time.  It is always there if we want it and we may take advantage of it at another time in our lives.

We made this decision for many reasons, one is the financial aspect of it all.  Let's face it.  These are lean times and nursing is a great profession.  But also, in our grand master plan (our plan, not God's and we fully understand that....)  we may move again to be closer to family.  They live several states away.  And this opportunity would make me much more marketable in that endeavor, should we ever do it.  Always nice to have options.

And mostly, we prayed and truly felt that God put this into our lives at this time for a reason, His reason.  I'm not quite sure what that it is.  It may not be for me.  It may be for someone else.  Who knows?  He knows.  I fully trust that.  I fully trust that He will lead me through and that I will do my best to follow. 

I will be continuing the blog but maybe not quite as often as before.  I may not participate in as many carnivals and memes as I have.  But I'll keep y'all up to date on what is happening in our little world.  And I do have some terrific new pictures coming soon on the painting we've been doing and some of the cute little things I've gotten together.  I PROMISE!!  Coming soon!!! 

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angel said...

i love the paragraph about moving closer to family, maybe, someday