Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And the countdown begins!

One of the most USEFUL tips I have in the parenting world? Countdowns!

You know when your kids have optionally chosen to listen to Yo Gabba Gabba's advice on saying please, but chosen to completely IGNORE your request to turn the TV off and get ready for dinner? Or when they swear they didn't hear you tell them to stop beating their brother with parts of their Thomas the Train tracks? Yours don't do that?


Ours do.

And when I can't get their attention, I count. Firmly. 1--2--3--4--5. The boys have learned quickly....or maybe not so quickly....I've been using this techniques for a couple of years now.....that when we get to 5, a time-out or something much more drastic is coming. We rarely get to 5 anymore. It helps them to make a decision and focus on our request. It gives them parameters on their choices...either they act before we get to 5 or they have a time-out. Easy enough.

Very effective. Super parenting tips. That's what I'm giving you this week. Use it at your beck and call!

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Tina said...

I know this always worked with my girls. Funny thing was when they would start counting with me....