Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer porches

We have a enclosed back patio area in the South. Not sure why they call it a lanai? Anyone else know this? I'm not a true Southerner ya know....that seems like something a true Southerner would know. I'm a transplant. In the Midwest, we'd call it a porch.

Maybe my porch could look like this:

This beauty is from this beautiful little blog, Between Naps on the Porch. Umm...except for I doubt that I would get much done except for napping. Oh it is a delish porch, right?

Or how about this one?

Or this?

All these porches have been decorated rather frugally....some wicker, which you can usually find at flea markets and garage sales. Lots of green plants. Love those ferns! And I want SO desperately to paint the floor!! I'll have to do it when the hubs is away...

This is our porch. Sadly neglected. Usually used as an extra playroom. In the heat of the summer, not used much at all as it faces the western setting sun. I have a pretty open design and a 10x40 space to work with. But during fall and winter, it is wonderful area to sit and visit, play or entertain.

Ideas? Thoughts? Help me out here fellow bloggers? Any porches or outside rooms you absolutely LUV?! Show me YOUR porch! Lead me in a direction! I am open to many ideas but the budget is tight, of course.

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