Friday, July 17, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday!

A definite must-have in our homeschooling 'curriculum' (if you can call it that....I'm creating things as I go and not buying anything right now...) is this item here:

It is a fantastic video! The boys love it and I really enjoy it as well!!

Now, I do not endorse teaching children via video for the most part. We do a lot of discussions regarding proper phonics, letters and sounds as well. We write, paint, color and draw our letters.

This video is an excellent SUPPLEMENT to your other teaching methods. The phonics and pronounciation hints have been really helpful. I find the boys quoting the video often, making the proper letter sounds and identifying their letters correctly. It's been very rewarding to see a video so effective.

I believe that items that really reinforce your homeschool lessons are worth the money. This is one of those items. In the future, I will continue to endorse items that I think are really worthy of your hard-earned dollars and time. If it is not helpful in our homeschooling efforts, I'll clue you in on that too. Not all items that are labeled "homeschooling" or advertised as a must-have for homeschooling are necessary. You can do so much at home, without a structured curriculum or costly one, to teach your children. You simply have to be creative and search around. The second best part of our Letter Factory video? It was a STEAL at less than $10!!

Stay tuned for more recommendations that we're using or going to be using in our homeschool adventure.

In the meantime, head on over to I Blame My Mother for more wonderful Kid Friendly articles! Lots of great stuff!!


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

That was one of Emily's favorite videos when she was first learning how to read too. It's really well done and the phonics seemed to "stick" with her after watching it. She would request it quite often too!

Anne said...

my oldest loved it when she was younger. Have you tried the other ones?

Sarah said...

Nice recommendation. Sounds like something that would help my middle one.

Ticia said...

I so agree. We love Letter Factory and it's follow on Word Factory.