Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Oh! Distraction!

It is where I'm at.

I'm at a crossroads. God is giving me plenty of time to think it through.

And boy am I thinking!

My poor brain cannot stop.

I toss and turn. Even wine fails to do it's job. One glass is not enough. More than one is probably too much.

What if? That is not the question these days.

Is God in charge of this? That is the question.

Is God leading me? Am I following?

Is this His will or simply my lowly earthly ideas of what is next in life?

Is this His Purpose? Is this His preparation?

UGH! There are no answers yet. It must be faith. Faith is what has lead us through other shadowing valleys. Faith is what we have leaned on when we had no answer from ourselves. Faith is our strength. Faith is our crutch. Faith is our wheelchair. It carries us forward. It allows us to sit there, wallowing in indecision. The answers will possibly, boldly, present themselves in time. Then we will be able to say it is meant to be. Until then, we allow our Faith to carry us, together, through the process.

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