Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

It's Wednesday and that means that we have WFMW over at Kristin's blog.

My little tidbit for today has to do with where we are going TOMORROW!'s Big Boy's birthday on Saturday!!! Yes, my "baby" is turning 5 on September 12. Five years ago this little hurricane stormed into our world. And it's never been the same since! I'm so happy for him and honestly, kinda sad for me. As a mom, I'm overwhelmed all. the. time. with how much I love my guys. I'm equally proud that he is growing into such a wonderful young boy. But that's just it folks. He's a BOY now. No semblance of the baby I once birthed. He hardly fits in my lap, with his gangly limbs and pokey elbows and knees. He still tries. Just for a few moments here and there. For an "I love you Mama" and a quick kiss. Then off he goes.

Anyway...I'm diverging from the post of the day. It's WFMW right?

So we're headed off to a hotel stay for a couple of days and then a birthday celebration with this guy:

Because the guy up there will suck you dry of every penny in your savings account if you let him, we are going to pack up some things with us to make our trip...ummm, more frugal?! Is there such a thing? YES! We are making this trip as frugal as possible and this is how:

--Packing up food! We booked a hotel room that has a full kitchen. We're making all our food except for the day of the park. We'll take cereal and milk for breakfast, yummy deli meats/cheeses for lunch sandwiches, veggies and dip, fruit and dips, chips, etc... We are not planning on eating out at all with the exception of the park. I'm heading off to Sams today for drinks and other supplies so we'll be set.

--Hitting Walmart close to the Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom. I'm planning to stash some Disney related goodies for the boys. This will cut down on the amount of junk that we buy at the park. We'll have a few surprises so they can have trinkets and such and we don't spend $20 on a Tinkerbell slurpy cup! (BTW--the boys LOVE Tink! Sure hope we get to see that girl!!)

--We saved a few bucks already on the hotel because I have a friend who has a discount they shared with us. Thanks Karyn!!

--We'll have the cake and ice cream celebration at the pool, at the hotel. Because this birthday is such a big one, I didn't think a huge birthday cake celebration was necessary. So I'll head out to our fav bakery (thanks PUBLIX!)to grab a yummy little cake and we'll celebrate with a few friends by the hotel pool. Which leads me to my next point;

--Booked a hotel where we don't mind laying around for 2 days with no other plans necessary. That's because the hotel has all this:

Entertainment for two days...DONE!

What Works For Me is making memories...but not too huge of a dent in our budget plan for this year. We're pretty excited! We realized that this is not only Big Boy's birthday but honestly, the first family vacation with just the four of us that we've ever taken! We usually go to see family any time we have vacation. But this's just us and The Mouse! YIPPEE!!


Kim said...

Sounds like alot of fun! Wish we were there for the cake celebration with ya'll... =0(

That Girl said...

sounds like a great time will be had. We want to go to Disney but with 3 girls we just dont think its possible. Maybe I will think about some of your tips! Thanks!!

Tina said...

What a fun trip this will be...great ideas.

We are going Nov.16 - Nov.22 and will be there for the first time to experience Christmas Magic at WDW and I can't wait. Be sure and share lots of pictures and Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy....

Life is Good said...

Don't you get into Disney free on your birthdya this year, too? Or is that just at Disneyland?
It is definitely worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

Disney is really not unaffordable. We went during their free dining plan and for our family of 4 for 5 days was 1050.00! We did drive 8 hours to save money and also took our own breakfast food but we ate like kings for FREE for lunch and dinner. It was great! I think people assume it is out of their budget but with a little planning it can be! Hope you have a blast!