Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hurricane Prep Kit

We live in Florida and were here in 2004 when we Hurrican Charlie and his whole posse decided to pass our way. I was 8 months pregnant with Big Boy and went through 4--yes, friends, 4--hurricanes in the final month of my pregnancy and another right after he was born! It was crazy! So in honor of the beginning of Hurricane Season 2009, I thought I'd show my list and crate of hurricane prep items.

First, we make sure that we have the following ready for the event:

--Generator is checked and ready to go

--Fill 5 gallon gas can

--Batteries--both rechargeable and regular

--3 flashlights




--Paper towels, toilet tissue

Then at the first indication that a storm is actually on it's way, I start to gather my food and perishable items in case we are out of power. In the event we are out of power, the generator should last us about 48 - 72 hours and run not only the refrigerator and freezer but allow us some TV usage as well. So we are never quite out of power at our house. Here is what I look to put into the food crate:

--Several gallons water for drinking and hygiene. At least 1 gallon per person, per day so we try to keep about 10-12 around the house.

--Canned protein such as chicken, tuna

--Non-perishable condiments such as mayo, ketchup and mustard. Usually this is from my stash from any fast-food stops we've had in the past several months


--Canned fruits


--Nuts and dried fruits

--Breakfast bars

--Juice boxes

We eat up everything we can prior to the storm to avoid food spoilage as much as possible. Sadly, this is where being very frugal and stocking up does NOT help you! It's impossible for us to get through all our items that we have stocked in the freezer. We always have paper plates and plastic utensils on hand. We just make sure we check our supply on those items.

The one thing we still do not have is a weather radio. We really need to get one. I don't get too excited because our neighbors and friends across the street have one. Hopefully they'll be home when the storm hits!

Here is where you can go for the most updated Hurricane info. This is a place we go to when we want to really see what is going on. Sometimes you just have to get away from the local hype and get the scoop. It helps that SH is very well versed in weather, how to read it and what it means!

Even if you don't live in an area where hurricanes hit, it helps to have these items on hand in case of a tornado or snowstorm. It's funny....I have friends and family from the Midwest that think we are crazy for living where hurricanes hit. But now that I've been here and survived through several, they don't bother me too much. It helps that we usually know they are coming so we can be as prepared as possible.

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Christy said...

Hopefully y'all won't get hit with any bad ones this year. :)
BTW, my email is

ilovemy5kids said...

Thank you so much for posting this one! I need to set up my hurricane box. Last year, we had one and I had no coffee. That meant "Mommy" had a headache and not a happy camper.

This year I will have my carafe full if one should come our way.

Blessings to you,
Lana @ ilovemy5kids

JOY said...

Thanks for posting this! It brings such peace of mind to be prepared!

Anonymous said...

i've been doing my own hurricane prep posts recently. being prepared makes a HUGE difference to how comfortably you can weather a storm. and not running out to try buying batteries the day before a hurricane hits is priceless!

you've got a few things in your pantry i hadn't thought of using. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we must finish our prep as well. At least we got the gas cans and some ice out of the way.