Friday, June 5, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday

This is something we are taking advantage of several times this summer. Free summer movies at participating theatres! Check them out! We have a Cobb Theatre nearby and they offer free G- and PG-rated movies for kids, three times a week! Now many of these movies are ones that our boys have seen, mainly because their Daddy is a MOVIE FREAK! They watch movies all the time! But how fun to go to the theatre and watch it there, on the big screen! Another outlet for us to practice social skills as well! Love this opportunity for our summer fun! Check out your local theatres and see if they offer free kid's movies during the summer months as well.

Enjoy more Kid Friendly tidbits over at I Blame Mom! Have a great weekend all!!


Sherry said...

I cant wait for the free summer movies, Lu will go crazy for them!

Sarah said...

We love free summer movies...although i think AMC or regal is charging $1 this year. Still a good deal.

Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Sharon
Thanks for playing my linky party. It didn't go over very well, but I hope maybe some more people will leave a response.
You're the sweetest, thanks for always leaving me such kind comments!:)

sunnymama said...

I don't think we have these here in the UK but I'm going to try and find out now! Thanks for the suggestion :)