Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MOM! I'm Bored!

This week over at We Are That Family is the Mom! I'm Bored! version of Works For Me Wednesday! As in....kids complain Mom! I'm Bored! and this is what you do with them so they'll shut the yap!

Luckily, our little guys are well, little, yet. And Little Man doesn't even know what bored means yet. Big Boy has said it a couple of times and when I ask him what that means, he can't really figure it out yet.

Nonetheless....here are a couple of resolutions to that complaint of Mom! I'm Bored! at this house:

Watering plants, the yard, whatever gets them outside and in the water! This usually keeps them happy for an hour or so.

Car washes go over great yet! Protective equipment is completely optional!

Now I'm headin' over to We Are That Family for more tips on what to do when the kiddos are bored. I'm takin' notes! Have a great day!!!!


The Animator's Wife said...

HAH love his protective equipment! And you ideas too. Thanks!

Allison said...

Water play is a great way to keep little ones busy, and cool on those hot days! Great ideas and pics! Thanks for sharing!

Annikke said...

My kids love to wash the cars too. Even though they don't do a great job, it sure entertains them for a while and it makes them feel important too that they get to do an "adult" job!