Friday, June 12, 2009

What Shall I Do?

Isn't it perfect? Well, NO, not PERFECT! But it could be!! It's too big for a corner or beside a bed. But could be perfect for the porch....redone and painted maybe? Or should I stick in the middle of the foyer with a pretty cover? Like this? What shall I do my wonderfully creative bloggy friends! I just gotta get in on this little carnival.....I want TREASURE!!! Tell me YOUR ideas!


Anonymous said...

I love the top. Old-growth wood should be celebrated. Some of my best food photos ever have been on old growth wood table tops.

Personally, I'd cut the legs down to coffee table height. Let the kids enjoy having something their size. It looks sturdy enough to work as a improvised stage. When the kids are older, refinish it and give it more modern legs.

Just a thought.

Chrissie Grace said...

If you're up for a challenge I would mosaic it!!
If not, black would be awesome.
I love the shape!:)
Chrissie Grace

Jane said...

I like the top too. Coffee table idea is nice, if you need one. I like when the legs are painted and the top is wood. This is a good find! Do you have space in a family room? It looks like a good table for games.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...'re right, it IS perfect! And so many possibilites. I really like the idea of cutting down the legs to make it into a coffee table. But I'd even take it a step further. I think it would be absolutely gorgeous with the top upholstered and some tufted buttons. It would be a little extra work, but so worth it. I think it could be a real show piece!


Kimm at Reinvented said...

I think the legs are way too cute to cover them up! I guess it depends on your needs. Painting it and using it on your porch would be really cute, or cutting off the legs like other have suggested, it could be a fabulous coffee table! You've got lots of options, thanks for linking up!