Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Because I must: An evening of recovery

After a vacation (especially with family), we find ourselves in need of 'decompression'. We've had plenty of time with one another and usually need a break from all the visiting, reminiscing and general talk that happens when you are around family for several days. On the day we return, and if we are REALLY lucky, more than one afternoon or day, we get to do this. We have sort of a routine when we get back. First, we all change into our most comfy pajamas or sweats. Then I put on a pot of soup or something similar. Something we can 'graze' from for the remainder of the day, that involves very little effort on my part. Then we all retreat into our preferred spaces. SH usually plops in front of some of his favorite recorded shows or works on his computer photo stuff. Boys either vegetate in front of mindless cartoons or Big Boy enjoys doing preschool activities on the computer. I usually take a few minutes to get myself reorganized in my kitchen (which is where I feel most at home), or sometimes will put a few things away, start some laundry or take a bit of a nap. We basically just wander around aimlessly and without any expectations for the day. It's really nice. All too soon we have to jump back into the world's expectations of work, school, play dates, teaching, etc...etc...etc... The last day of vacation is truly for us to relish in the fleeting moments of nothingness. It is wonderful and gone, all too soon. This really Works for Me and my family!

So how do you recover from vacation? I would love to know how others deal with the need for decompression before heading back into the real world. And for more great WFMW tips and this week's Backward Edition, head on over to We are That Family!


Innkeeper Seely said...

One thing that helps me recover is to have everything as clean as possible before I leave. I hate returning to the chaos of things that didn't get packed flung all over the bed or a less than clean kitchen or bath. It's just too much of a shock after being in a place that was neat, tidy, and relaxing. (Or a place that was crazy but not my usual crazy like my sister's house with the joy of seven children.)

Kim H. said...

Oh my gosh - AMEN! I absolutely must have some time after the vacation is over to recover... before getting back to the grind.

Erica said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am glad Sam's works for your family. I hadn't thought about the savings on gas.

As far as your post, sometimes you need a vacation after your vacation. I too try to have a clean house before we leave. I always hated it when my mom made us clean before we left on vacation growing up, but now I do the same thing. She must have been on to something.

We've done lots of traveling this past year and one thing I've learned is to roll your suitcase straight to your laundry room and take out the stuff you need from there.

It is nice for our little boy to be reunited with his toys, which gives us a little break to just sit and do nothing. We always try to go to bed early once we get home and take it easy for a few days, this includes the kitchen.

I hope you find a way to take it easy and get back to normal life, post vacation.