Friday, April 17, 2009

Salt Sand

We did this little project a while back and we'll be doing it again this next week. The boys LOVED it and I loved that clean-up was super easy! It is Salt Sand--colored salt that resembles sand. We made it one day while working on our color recognition and color combinations. I'm SO sorry--this was before I really started blogging and it never occurred to me to take pictures! I'll be sure to snap a few next time. Here is the 'recipe':

Salt Sand
1 Cup regular table salt, the cheap stuff!
3-4 drops food coloring
various plastic containers

Pour 1 cup of salt into the container. We used this opportunity to teach measuring, numbers and counting. Drop 3-4 drops of food coloring in each container. We used this opportunity to teach color recognition and liquid vs. solids. Stir each with a spoon to mix the colors. There you have it! Instant salt "sand". The boys then proceeded to play for two full days, measuring out the salt into different containers, combining colors to make a new color (one of which was, of course, a lovely shade of grey from all the colors combining!), playing in it with measuring spoons and cups. Best of all, although they played on the back porch, if some of it got into the house, I didn't worry much. A quick vacuum and it was gone. And all the containers cleaned up nicely because obviously, salt is water soluble and left nothing. Unlike sand---which I REFUSE to have a sand box, for this very reason. I'm NOT dealing with any more sand in Florida!

So there you have one of our favorite activities! Head on over to Sarah at I Blame Mom for more Kid Friendly Friday posts and ideas! Have a great weekend, y'all!


StephF said...

Adding this idea to my "to do" list. Thanks!

Katie said...

You could probably also use this in place of the expensive colored sand you can purchase for sand art.

Sharon said...

Katie! So true! I was just thinking of making some sand art the other day! Thanks!! :)

Sarah said...

I love colored salt. We use it with glue to make fun pictures. It's such a good alternative to sand! THanks for linking!

Hadley said...

that sounds like fun! I am going to add that to my list of activitye ideas!

Hadley said...

oh, and isn't it funny how we take so many more pictures since blogging?!