Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh distractions & desires!

I've decided that my outside job is really impeding on my life right now. I don't work that much---part-time on the weekends and I pick up teaching jobs here and there. But I'm not wanting to do any of it right now. And it is because of this new blogging hobby I have going....and all the wonderful things I'm seeing and learning about!! I REALLY want to be at home trying to paint furniture, helping my kids to create fun art projects, getting the garden tilled and planted....the list goes on and on and on! I would SO rather be doing these things! I'm thinking maybe if I make myself a list, gather my goals all in one place, that *maybe* I might, just might, get something accomplished and feel so much better! Here is my list...

1) paint two side tables for the living area. Something like this.
2) create a wall collage for the spare bedroom--I'm thinking canvas squares with various colored scrap paper collages
3) learn to crochet wash cloths
4) paint the master bath's accessories....because I truly cannot stand pastel lavender/green/mauve any more!
5) re-do the bathroom. I was thinking of getting rid of the wallpaper border....Little Man A.K.A. 'The Psychic' figured that out and was so kind to RIP THE PAPER off in two very obvious places! Guess we'll move this one up the list now...
6) paint the family area
7) paint a few of the kitchen accessories--getting rid of the light green and going more dark green/gold-brown/deep brown colors. Very Tuscany-like.
8) going to do some window mistreatments...yes, you heard it....mistreatments much like my creative friend at Thrifty Decor Chick. In fact, she really is to blame for all this angst....I SO want to grow up and be just like her!
9) container garden at least 4 new veggies in the next month.
10) work on the boy's homeschool 'curriculum' that starts in August.

OK, OK...please stop me! It'll take me a month of Sundays to get even one of these done! But there---the first step to recovery is to create a plan, right?!

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