Monday, March 9, 2009

Crockpot kind of day

Today is a crockpot kind of day....There have been at least 1-2 people in the house that have been sick for the past week. And today is my turn. UGH! So in light of the lack of energy, the general blah! kinds of feelings and absolutely no desire to accomplish anything, I will resort to my one of my top favorite kitchen tools...the crockpot.

Not sure what I'm making yet but I'm quite certain it'll be from this site, I LOVE this site! We follow a relatively low-glycemic diet in this house. It just makes sense for us and I cannot tolerate too many carbs, especially white, refined carbs. So we generally stay away from them and eat a lot of beans and chicken, and I try to add as many veges as I can fit it. I have just about any kind of meat that I can use today. I have beans. I have some very yummy fresh green beans or some wonderful looking brussels sprouts that I could add into something too.

So I'm off to load up the crockpot and then back to bed to recover. See you tomorrow!

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J. Money said...

haha...that title is awesome :) i didn't know where you were gonna go with it, but it makes total sense now. hope everyone gets better!