Friday, March 20, 2009

What are the Rules?

I'm so proud I could just pop! Big Boy asked me that question just the other day before we went on an errand and went to the store. "What are the rules, Mama?" I'm SO PROUD that he actually pays attention! You see, we review three very specific, simple and effective rules, every time we go somewhere with the boys. They are:

--Quiet voices
--Walking feet
--Listening ears

That's it. Sums it up nicely. And it works! And it's very Kid Friendly! At 3 & 4 years old, they understand it. It works for just about any situation. And most importantly, they follow them rather well. Try it! We review these 3 rules every time we go somewhere, whether it is to the doctor office, the grocery store, someones home or church. It's Kid Friendly Friday folks....what is your Kid Friendly tidbit?

I Blame My Mother has other great tips to make your life more Kid Friendly! See you there!


Sarah said...

These are great. Wouldn't it be nice is even adults adhered to something very simiar? It's great to let them know the WANT that! Thanks for participating in KFF!

Sharinskishe said...

--Quiet voices
--Walking feet
--Listening ears

Sarah is right, it would be great if all adults could adhere to this as well.

Sharon, I love how your son, got it! I am happy for you that you received such a proud moment!!!

I love it when children instigate things that are normally done by the adult. It really means they are listening, watching and learning!

Great Job!!! Thanks for sharing.