Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Debbie's Green Bags

I've never bought anything from one of those As Seen On TV ads. I never thought I would. Then my aunt told me about Debbie's Green Bags. All I can say is...WOW! They really work! I can keep green beans for well over a week! I keep bananas in them for several more days than we need...they get eaten pretty quickly in this house. I put all my fruits and veggies in them first thing when I bring them home. I've been known to keep something in there just to see how long it would last.....I remember it being like 3 weeks or something like that. And it was still edible!! So here ya official As Seen on TV endorsement....Debbie's Green Bags. I didn't get mine from the website...I bought them at CVS or Wags or something like that. About $10 for several bags. And you can reuse them for quite awhile. This really WORKS FOR ME!!

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Rona's Home Page said...

When I worked for HSN we were selling the Green Bags. I've been meaning to purchase them.
Our family loves fresh fruit and veggies. I like the way the bags extend the life of your produce.
$10 isn't a bad investment.
Happy WW Day!

We are THAT Family said...

Hi Debbie, I'm sorry I had to delete your can re add it with a permalink. If you're not sure how, click on the 'my link has been deleted' on my post.

Jerralea said...

I've been wondering about those bags. I definitely want to extend the life of my produce. Soon we'll be having farmer's markets and I want to enjoy the produce as long as possible! Thanks for sharing.

Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Sharon
Thanks for the award! I'm so honored:o)
Your boys are beautiful!
I'll stop by again!
Chrissie Grace