Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You like me? You REALLY REALLY like me??!!

I'm channeling Sally Fields right now!! This very sweet, sweet, sweetie Sarah over at I Blame My Mother just gave me my very FIRST bloggy award! AWWWW!! Y'all are gonna make me tear up!!! Honestly, I'm SO touched! I feel like a newborn in this blog world and I've yet to quite find my toes, if you know what I mean? So this is a very nice thing to give such a newbie and I'm truly honored! Thank you Sarah!! So here are Seven Things I Love--I'll do my best!

1. Being a Mama.
2. The smell of fresh cut hay from the fields (I don't get the scent too often here in FL--mostly a memory from long ago...)
3. This bloggy world! I learn SO much and enjoy it immensely!
4. Reading just about anything (fiction, biographies, mags, anything!)
5. My dear wonderful sweet family.
6. Bread, fresh from the oven slathered with sweet creamy Irish butter.
7. Entertaining--SH and I really love to have people over, grilling out, eating and laughter.

There it goes....there are SO many more but hopefully, I'll keep them under wraps until I unveil one of those '100 things about me' lists. Here are Seven wonderfully Kreative and fun blogs that I look at almost every day:

--We Are That Family This is a fantastic Kreativ blog!
--Journey Mama Rae doesn't know me at all but she has been essential in my journey to start writing again....I love her writing! Check her out!
--No Time For Flash Cards Allie is the McGyver of preschool activities! Cool site!
--Thrifty Decor Chick Sarah is one thrifty decorating goddess!
--in His Grace Chrissie is a beautiful artist and I love her work!
--Frugal Dad I'm sure that Frugal Dad will be a bit shocked to be named one of my fav Kreativ bloggers but I learn SO much from this site!! It's essential in my journey become debt free!!
--And I gotta mention Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer. She REALLY has helped motivate me to get this blog off the ground. Love her blog!!

Your job now is to copy the award and hand it off to seven of your favs. Thanks for all of you that have motivated me start Because I Must. I could not have done it without your blogs showing me the way! Now go spread the love!

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Allie said...

You have a wonderful blog, I am so touched that you gave me this award. Thank you and I love that you called me the McGuyver of preschool activities - I am pretty good with a paper clip and duct tape too :)