Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm squealing like a girl!

AHH!! You've just GOT to see my fantastic find today!! AHHH!! Really....truly....I'm squealing like a girl. And I never squeal like a girl! Mainly because I'm not that girly most of the time. But I've really been trying to be a bit more girly. I think SH likes it. So.....check out my find:

Aren't they adorable??!!! And are you ready for the BEST part? Drumroll please........................they were exactly $4.00 for each pair!! The polka dot ones are Keds and the flowery ones are Skechers! Regular price was like $45! WOW!!! I'm not sure if I've every hit such a bargain!! And now, my friends, I'm a die-hard fan of Bealls. Can't beat it! LOVE IT! I get to be girly....I get to be me dance in the living room.....I get to be girly!!

1 comment:

Angel said...

very cute shows auntie... love the black ones. they are so something i would wear...