Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to the Bloggin' World

Hello Friends!

I'm sorry for such sad notes last week and then a disappearance. The sadness lingers and is slowing ebbing it's grip off my heart.

For my friend, of course, it still envelopes her entire soul.

I find myself worried that it may never subside.

I know it will.

I trust that God will ease her pain. I trust that Our God will restore her spirit. With time. We have faith.

It is still, so very sad and so. very. difficult.

However, I've been tossed back into REAL LIFE.

UGH! I've picked up lots of hours to work. I've got a class syllabus and lectures to prep for. I've got homeschool planning to complete. And the boys are back into swim classes again next week. JEESH! I'm tired.

But I had to show you a little rehab that I hope to work on soon. Something to get me back into the groove. Whatever that is....

Here is another new project!

Aren't they positively tacky? Yes, they are.... So these will be part of a re-do as well.

As I get myself together this week...that is the plan, ya know?! IF I get it together, I'll have a reveal ready for you by the end of the week.

I got the spray paint just screamin' my name!!!

In the meantime, head on over to Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for more great treasures!!!

1 comment:

Carmen said...

I love spray paint. Whic brand do you use? I just discovered Rustoleum's Painter's Touch 2x. It is the best! Can't wait to see your redo.