Monday, August 17, 2009

Thrifty Finds

OK everyone....I've kinda tricked you here.

I don't have a thrifty treasure today, for Rhoda's great blog on thrifty finds.

But I'm looking for a thrifty treasure and where better to get that than all my REALLY creative thrifty friends???

This is where we are going in three week for Big Boy's 5th birthday:

I need your BEST tips, tricks and thrifty ideas on how to enjoy the day at Walt Disney World!!! We're blessed to live within driving distance of The Mouse so we are taking advantage of the "get in free on your birthday" option. We're taking Big Boy for his 5th birthday---FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!

Don't know about the kid but jeez, this Mama is OVER THE TOP excited!!!

But because I'm not made of money, and so far, the marry-a-sugar-daddy plan in life didn't quite work out that way, I need tips on how to save a few dollars. We plan to stay in a local hotel, just for the fun of it for a couple of nights and then hit WDW on his birthday.

So hit me with your best shot....err, tips!

And then head on over to Rhoda's Southern Hospitality because THOSE ladies really know how to find a great bargain!!


Heather said...

One great idea I read somewhere a long time ago had to do with finding things for your little ones ahead of time. When you visit any theme park, WDW, or kid themed thing they really get you with the cost of trinkets, t-shirts, and other things they HAVE to have in the moment. Instead of buying things there full price you could scour garage sales, thrift stores or craigslist for souvenir type items that you can give to them while there (or just before or at the end of the day). The items you find second hand will cost pennies compared to buying them all there new.

I have never been and look forward to doing the trip someday to. We live a whole lot further away :)

Have a great time,

Kate said...

We just got back from WDW last week. One thing that my 4 and 9 year old loved was pin trading. We went to the Wal-mart in Kissimee and bought the reallt cheap pins then went to DWD and they doils trade for the good ones. IT was alot better than bying alot of junk they don't need.

Also we packed out lunch and took water and added drink mixes to them all day. Then allowed them to pick one speical item for a snack. This could be whatever they wanted.

If you were staying longer I have alot of great tips. You can visit my blog for some more infromation on our trips.

Have a fabulous time!!!

Tina said...

How exciting....

We are leaving for our trip on Nov. 14th and I can't wait.

Have you ever looked at the Dis.board? Very helpful info...

One tip I have is bring little travel game for him to play with while waiting in lines or for parades. Also bring snacks for kids for between meals to avoid having to pay high prices for junk there.

Happy Birthday (early) to your son and hope you guys have a wonderful time!

Cheri Peoples said...

Did you call Disney and ask about their hotel rates-Florida residents get GREAT deals and even their cheap rooms are fine-you aren't in them very much. The newer ones are better than the older cheap ones. As you know Florida water tastes disgusting so stopping for water breaks doesn't work-number one it is disgusting and number 2 it is so hot the water fountain water at best is warm-not refreshing at all-so we went through lots of drinks. If you have a stroller or wagon you could take a smallish cooler and fill it with water. We would eat a big breakfast and then you are so hot and drinking so much you really aren't hungry for lunch and then we did dinner.

Staying at Disney is great because you catch the shuttles that take you straight to the front instead of waiting for a tram and having to ride in and getting another nice long walk. If you stay at Disney you can request a frig in your room for next to nothing and keep snacks and extra water etc for when you get back and you will be thirsty.

Have lots of fun

Come for a visit.
Its So Very Cheri

Wendy said...

Bring your own snacks & drinks in a soft cooler. And definitely check DISboards. TONS of info there!

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