Friday, August 14, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday!

We're getting back into the groove with Kid Friendly Friday!

I went to the homeschool meeting last evening and really think this will work for us! I have a friend who has a preschooler and decided to join with us. For a nominal fee ($20/yr) we have access to their website, a forum with about 140 other HSing families and open invitation to their weekly structured field trips. There are other opportunities as our children age, such as Kindergarten graduation ceremonies, Boy Scouts, educational forums, parent meetings, Scholastic book ordering, and on and on! I really think this will be helpful in our journey. I appreciate that there are SO many families in the group. Certainly we will find someone in the group to connect with.

My only concern at this point is there was seemingly a lack of ethnic diversity at the meeting last night. There was only one couple of mixed color in the group and that was my friend!! I usually don't get too worked up about that but honestly, it does make a difference for us. We want our boys to grow up in an environment where there are many different cultures and races among the members. It is very important to us that they see that the world is made of diversity and not everyone is the same. They are not, obviously. We want that reflected in the world that surrounds them. I am hoping that this is available to us, despite the lack of that appearance last night. Granted, there were less than 40 new members last night so it was not a complete showing of the group.

So...that is my Kid Friendly Friday post. For my fellow homeschoolers, I fully recommend finding a support group to connect with. We're really looking forward to the opportunities and learning experiences the group will offer. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends....errr...the boys meeting new friends?! Oh heck! We want new friends too!

Head on over to my friend Sarah at I Blame Mom for more Kid Friendly tidbits. And in the meantime, don't forget to breath in the chaos of getting ready to go back to school!!


Ticia said...

I need to look into a homescholing group of some sort. I know there are several in the area. I just need to get plugged in with one.

Sarah said...

I have heard of quite a few of these groups n the area and have also heard great things! If I was a HS mom I would want to join....and not only for the kids friends but for friends for me too!

brian said...

i never was home schooled but alot of kids are now, wonder if it really works?