Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

I'm on an endless search for ways to stay ON TRACK.

You know...with it.

All together.


Yeah, right.

Not very successful sometimes but I'm getting there. What works for me you ask?

Why, thanks for asking!

One of the greatest tools known to man....err, womankind is the Google Calendar.

Love it! It has a million ways to post notes, schedule events, review to-do lists, schedule multiple appointments (YOU know what I mean?!), remember important holidays (sorry about the belated birthday card, Mom), contacts, addresses, on and on and on....

Easy to get to (

And SUPER easy to maintain....because y'all are like on your computers ALL DAY LONG like me, right?!

And my newest, most favorite-ist reason for lovin' my google calendar? It syncs with my new toy....

And now, my friends, I'm totally with it, all the time....

Enjoy a few more peeps that are really with it over at We Are That Family. They have way more brilliant ideas on how to keep it together than I.

1 comment:

Buffie said...

I know what you mean. My Google Calendar syncs with my iPhone and it makes me oh so happy.