Friday, May 22, 2009

He has a future....

Evidently, our youngest has EXTREMELY high pain tolerance.

Look what I found when he whimpered the other day that his pinky finger hurt:

Thing is folks....the injury is several days old and I have no idea when he did it! No blood, no major fit, no major tears. Just this, a couple of days later. OUCH! And little studmuffin managed to finally get it all the way torn off last night without so much as a drop of blood or a tear shed again. Me on the other hand....I'm crying for him! I keep asking "Are you SURE it doesn't hurt?". He just keeps telling me "It no hurt Mama. See?" as he touches it again.

I guess if he's ever captured and they even consider torture...he can just laugh and say "yeah, what EVER!".

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