Friday, May 15, 2009

Hot Dog Octopus

One of the boys' lunchtime favorites are "hot dog octopus". Here is the tutorial (wow--my first tutorial!! I'm getting the hang of this Bloggin' thing!):

Take one all-beef hot dog:

Slice a little more than 1/2 way up, making 8 cross-section slices (these will be the 'legs'):


Voila! All set up to look like a Octopus, complete with a little shredded cheddar for 'hair' and ketchup!

If you want, head on over to my friend Sarah at I Blame Mom for other wonderful Kid Friendly Friday goodies! Have a good one friends!


Sharinskishe said...

My kids loved these when they were little! Easy to do too.

I love your photos. Thanks for posting!

Sarah said...

I love these. Just last night I made hotdog jelly fish. My daugther was studying ocean llife this week and she couldn't stop giving me jelly fish facts. Ironically enough the night before I saw hot jelly fish on someone's blog....and we were having speghetti anyway! Perfect. Easy.

Cut the ends off the hot dogs (about 1 inch pieces). Break uncooked speghetti in half and stick into the hot dog (I used about 10 for each. The middle pieces I stuck whole noodle pieces all the way through so it was sticking out of each end (not jellyfish looking but I'm not wasting the middle of the hot dog).
Cook them in the same pot as you are boiling the rest of the speghetti and for the same amount of time. They look great! I'll tryt o post a picture.

Valerie said...

I used to make these, but haven't made them in a long time.... I bet my daughter would love it now! For some reason, they always look cute on top of a bed of spaghetti, don't they? Great tutorial!

Shannon said...

Cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

Mama Jenn said...

Very cute idea!!! I will HAVE to make these for my kiddos!

Angie said...

Congrats on your very first tutorial! :)

I have seen these before, but I have never made them. They are too cute!

sunnymama said...

What a cute idea! We're vegetarian but there are vegetarian hot dog sausages we could do this with. Thanks for the idea :)

SeaBird said...

Ha! These are so cute - my boys would love them!