Friday, May 1, 2009

Train up a child...

So I'm REALLY late today with my KFF post! But I have reasons!!! A) We have been fighting a mean, nasty bout of strep and ear infections all week. Thought it was the flu. Nope--strep. Antibiotics and all that. Ick! and B) Had to go to the dentist this morning for the boys. I'm one of those moms....sorry....not one of those that follows too many rules or anything. This was their--GASP!--first visit to the dentist! Yes, my friends, I said their first. So we got out of there with a couple of cavities...but the nice dentist told me that it wasn't an issue that could've been avoided. Seems the little men inherited some really bad teeth from their good ole' Mama and have the same issue as I did. Evidently the enamel did not grow completely and left a gap. Who knew? So we have a little filling and sealant work to do. Dang. So anyhoo....I'm still playing catch up to everything this week and still have not caught up. But here is our KFF tidbit this week!

As you all know, we are going to homeschool. And right now, that homeschooling encompasses about everything we do. Nothing goes without a little lesson. So this week we planted flowers and herbs. We talked about plants, what makes them grow (soil, water, sunlight), talked about the best place to plant things (shade vs. sunny), what we will need to remember to do every day (water them) and what we can use the herbs for. I'm drinking a tasty tall glass of mint tea as I type! The boys absolutely love gardening and they love taking care of their plants. We give them ownership of their plants and we remind them daily of how they have to take responsibility (remember that post a few weeks ago?) for them. That's our tidbit for this week. Talk to your kids every opportunity you can about the world around them. Teach them how to plant, care, nurture and grow things. Give them something they can be responsible for. If we all do that, then we will have the much changed world that President Obama is asking us too (sorry--gotta throw in a shout out to our guy!). Those that learn to take responsibility today, grow things today, nurture things today will most certainly be prepared to continue to do so in the future. "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6)

Have a wonderful weekend friends and visit Sarah over at I Blame Mom for more wonderful Kid Friendly Friday posts!

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Sarah said...

I too believe almost everything you do in a day can be turned into some sort of lesson. For both mom and kids :) Thanks for participating. Hope you are all feeling better and can enjoy your weekend!