Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I love how the leaves fall in my yard and decorate the season of Spring in Florida. I'm not so sure the neighbors love it.

I want to learn how to make artisan bread. Really, really good bread. And slather on some good Irish butter. Oh. my.

I guess I know a little about a lot of stuff. At least that is what people tell me. Sometimes I think that I just don't concentrate well in one area. I don't bother with details.

I used to question myself every day whether I should be doing something else. Today, I've found my "something else" and it is completely fulfilling and really where God intended me to be. It's called being Mama.

My mind is a constant source of thinking and planning. I don't think it is as creative in the arts and crafty sense, but in the 'I can do this with that' sense. Just today instead of buying Febreze, I made my own and I like it so much better than the chemical-ly stuff.

I wish my house looked like this. Is that possible with two little boys who dismantle the sofa every evening?

There are many things I feel very confident in. There are a few things I feel completely inept in. I suppose that's a pretty good balance.

I am trying to be more girly. I've never been very girly. Comes from growing up on a farm with boys. Not a whole lotta support for girly stuff. Thank you God for giving us boys.

I get a bit obsessed with things. And that is the very character trait that my husband has that drives me crazy. Hmmmm....wonder if that bothers him?

I'm really a farm kid trapped in a adult city girl's body. Not many people know that. And oddly, they are always surprised.

I always wanted to write. I just never thought it was good enough. I'm still not sure I would ever write something somebody found interesting enough to actually read. But I've gotten almost 1000 hits on this blog since April, when I started the counter. So maybe?

We've thought often and seriously about moving to another country. Take advantage of a job opportunity for SH. I really think it would be an amazing journey and would love to try it. SH still isn't sure. I really feel as though God intends for us to live as a family in a way that is different than what we are doing now. So I pray about it.

I'm a Christian but not necessarily loyal to one denomination. In fact, I've attended and belonged to several churches in my lifetime. Some people consider that an inability to commit. I simply think that they are very similar and that it's not about the politics, it's about my God. The only church that never made sense to me was a Unitarian. Lovely place to visit. Lovely people. Strange not to talk about Jesus during church. So I left.

I love bluegrass music. Don't laugh. It's really good. Especially anything tied to Alison Krauss.

I guess I could do one of those "100 things about me" posts.....

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Thanks for the follow. I am following you back. Nice blog. Love your background in particular. Adorable family!